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Our second annual report, Mahi Tahi 2, is now at the printers. If you would like a hard copy, please get in touch.

It is hard to know where to start when introducing our second annual report. Last year I described a whirlwind year , in which a lot of time was invested building a team and strengthening networks, visiting sites all over Aotearoa, and connecting with and listening to as many different communities as possible.

This year we have drawn on those communities intensively as we have been asked for advice at a variety of different paces — in response to emergencies, to address public concerns, or to deliver detailed evidence syntheses to inform long-term policy.

I am hugely proud of the way in which our scientists have stepped up and leant into unprecedented challenges.

Thank you. In the pages to follow you will find a taste of our activity. Throughout, we stuck to our four principles: transparency, accessibility, inclusivity and rigour.

Tahiti also exports vanilla , fruits, flowers, monoi , fish, copra oil , and noni. Tahiti is also home to a single winery, whose vineyards are located on the Rangiroa atoll.

Hotels and financial institutions offer exchange services. French Polynesia imports its petroleum and has no local refinery or production.

Daily consumption of imported oil products was 7, barrels, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Tahitian cultures included an oral tradition that involved the mythology of gods, such as 'Oro and beliefs, as well as ancient traditions such as tattooing and navigation.

What Are We? Where Are We Going? It is an ethnographic museum that was founded in to conserve and restore Polynesian artefacts and cultural practices.

The Robert Wan Pearl Museum is the world's only museum dedicated to pearls. The Papeete Market sells local arts and crafts. One of the most widely recognised images of the islands is the world-famous Tahitian dance.

The 'ote'a sometimes written as otea is a traditional dance from Tahiti, where the dancers, standing in several rows, execute figures. This dance, easily recognised by its fast hip-shaking and grass skirts, is often confused with the Hawaiian hula , a generally slower more graceful dance which focuses more on the hands and storytelling than the hips.

On the other hand, the hura Tahitian vernacular for hula , a dance for women, has disappeared, and the couple's dance 'upa'upa is likewise gone but may have re-emerged as the tamure.

The dance is with music only, drums, but no singing. Or it can be the pahu, the ancient Tahitian standing drum covered with a shark skin and struck by the hands or with sticks.

The dancers make gestures, re-enacting daily occupations of life. For the men the themes can be chosen from warfare or sailing, and then they may use spears or paddles.

For women the themes are closer to home or from nature: combing their hair or the flight of a butterfly, for example. More elaborate themes can be chosen, for example, one where the dancers end up in a map of Tahiti, highlighting important places.

The group dance called 'Aparima is often performed with the dancers dressed in pareo and maro. Newer dances include the hivinau and the pa'o'a.

The Tahitians believed in the afterlife, a paradise called Rohutu-no'ano'a. When a Tahitian died, the corpse was wrapped in barkcloth and placed on a funeral bier, fare tupapa 'u , which was a raised canoe awning on posts surrounded by bamboo.

Food for the gods was placed nearby to prevent them from eating the body, which would condemn the spirit to the underworld. Mourners would slash themselves with shark's teeth and smear the blood on barkcloth placed nearby.

Most importantly, the Chief Mourner donned the parae , an elaborate costume that included an iridescent mask made of four polished pearl shell discs.

One disk was black, signifying Po, the spirit world, while one was white, signifying Ao, the world of people. A crown of red feathers signified 'Oro.

A curved wooden board, pautu , below the mask contained five polished pearl shells, which signified Hina, the moon goddess.

Hanging below were more shells in rows, ahu-parau , representing the Pleiades , believed to be the eyes of former chiefs.

Finally, a ceremonial garment, tiputa , covered the body and was decorated with an apron of polished coconut shells, ahu-'aipu. The Tahitian national sport is Va'a.

In English, this paddle sport is also known as outrigger canoe. The Tahitians consistently achieve record-breaking and top times as world champion in this sport.

Major sports in Tahiti include rugby union and association football and the island has fielded a national basketball team , which is a member of FIBA Oceania.

Another sport is surfing , with famous surfers such as Malik Joyeux and Michel Bourez. Teahupo'o is one of the deadliest surf breaks in the world.

The Tahiti national rugby union team has been active since but have only played 12 games since then. Lesser clubs include Matavai. The Tahiti Cup is the islands' premier football knockout tournament and has been played for since Tahiti is depicted in the biography of Paul Gauguin in the French film Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti portraying his life during his years on Tahiti.

Also linked to Tahiti are the various films narrating the story of the mutiny on HMS Bounty — e. It is a growing university, with 3, students and 62 researchers.

Many courses are available such as law, commerce, science, and literature. Because of limited level terrain, rather than levelling large stretches of sloping agricultural land, the airport is built primarily on reclaimed land on the coral reef just off-shore.

The Mo'orea Ferry operates from Papeete and takes about 45 minutes to travel to Moorea. Other ferries are the Aremiti 5 and the Aremiti 7 and these two ferries sail to Moorea in about half an hour.

There are also several ferries that transport people and goods throughout the islands. The Bora Bora cruiseline sails to Bora Bora about once a week.

The main hub for these ferries is the Papeete Wharf. Tahiti has a freeway that runs across the west coast.

This freeway starts in Arue and continues across the Papeete urban area. Then it continues along the west coast of Tahiti Nui through smaller villages.

Tahiti's west coast freeway keeps going until Teahupo'o where the freeway becomes a thin paved road. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Largest island of French Polynesia. This article is about the island. For the country, see French Polynesia.

For other uses, see Tahiti disambiguation. Flag of Tahiti. See also: Kingdom of Tahiti. Main article: Mutiny on the Bounty.

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. See also: Music of Tahiti and Arioi. Geography portal. Retrieved 2 January Natural Wonders of the World.

Retrieved 26 September There is much debate as to the exact date of the original Polynesian migration to Tahiti, and indeed whether it came in one wave or several.

Some experts put it as late as — BC. Bibcode : PNAS.. Retrieved 26 July Aphrodite's Island. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Collingridge Journal of the Polynesian Society. Ancient Tahitian Society. University Press of Hawaii. Bushnell University of Hawaii Press, p.

Derroteros de la Mar del Sur. Archived from the original PDF on 9 June Retrieved 4 May Emerging Infectious Diseases. Waitz, tr. Pritchard's House".

Paternoster Row, London: John Snow. Nature Sanctuary. Sustainable Well-being. A rejuvenation project in the making since , indigenous trees planted and counting , Tahi is a living example of the transformative power of sustainable business.

Stay at our eco-retreat, relax and explore in the luxury of spectacular seclusion. Remember me Log in. Lost your password?

Beelicious Honey Shop now. Purpose Our story. Eco-retreat book now. Our Place explore. At one with nature. Follow us on Instagram. With a new month comes new seasons - and for New Zealand, September means the end of winter is in sight.

The link to our website where you can find this recipe, and more, is in our bio! We are lucky to have a variety of honeys and flavours at Tahi, but how do you tell the difference?

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We are hugely grateful for the positive engagement and energy that this project created. We are continuing the collaboration this year and look forward to the next instalment.

The Prime Minister also asked us to put out some accessible public-facing explainers — one on 5G , and another on cannabis , ahead of the referendum.

These are web-based and link through to trusted evidence, to enable anyone to access reliable details themselves, having read our non-technical summaries.

Our next two projects arrived unexpectedly and under considerable urgency. As tragedy unfolded in the aftermath of the eruption of Whakaari White Island, I spent an intense week in and around the bunker supporting the amazing scientists from GNS Science to help the recovery efforts.

And then of course, has been dominated by a long-predicted and yet still unexpected global pandemic, in the form of COVID It has been an absolute privilege to work with Professor Ian Town, our Chief Science Advisor for health, to support our many excellent experts to provide science advice to the Prime Minister and Government, complementing the public health response.

Finally, an acknowledgement of the enormous support the office has received throughout the year from hundreds of scientists.

The next European visitors arrived during the period of intense Anglo-French rivalry that filled the twelve years between the Seven Years' War and the American Revolutionary War.

This bay was situated on the territory of the chiefdom of Pare - Arue , governed by Tu Tu-nui-e-a'a-i-te-Atua and his regent Tutaha, and the chiefdom of Ha'apape , governed by Amo and his wife "Oberea" Purea.

Wallis named the island King George's Island. The first contacts were difficult, since on the 24 and 26 June , [20] Tahitian warriors in canoes showed aggression towards the British, hurling stones from their slings.

In retaliation, the British sailors opened fire on the warriors in the canoes and on the hills. In reaction to this powerful counter-attack, the Tahitians laid down peace offerings for the British.

On 2 April , [21] it was Louis-Antoine de Bougainville , aboard Boudeuse and Etoile on the first French circumnavigation, that was next to sight Tahiti.

Bougainville was also visited by Tutaha. Beginning in the 19th century, the Tahitian orthography "Tahiti" became normal usage in French and English.

In between the visits of Bougainville and Cook, in December , a war of succession amongst the Tahiti's clans took place for who would assume the role of paramount chief.

The warriors, women and children of Papara were massacred, while their houses, gardens, crops and livestock were destroyed.

Even the Mahaiatea marae was ransacked, while Amo, Purea, Tupaia and Teri'irere fled into the mountains. Vehiatua built a wall of skulls Te-ahu-upo'o at his Tai'arapu marae from his war trophies.

In July , Captain James Cook was commissioned by the Royal Society and on orders from the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to observe the transit of Venus across the sun, a phenomenon that would be visible from Tahiti on 3 June Assisted by the botanist Joseph Banks , and by the artist Sydney Parkinson , Cook gathered valuable information on the fauna and flora, as well as the native society, language and customs, including the proper name of the island, 'Otaheite' [25].

On 21 June, Amo visited Cook, and then on 25 June, Pohuetea visited, signifying another chief seeking to ally himself with the British.

Cook and Banks circumnavigated the island from 26 June to 1 July. Cook and Endeavour departed Tahiti on 13 July , taking Raiatean navigator Tupaia along for his geographic knowledge of the islands.

Cook estimated the population to be , including all the nearby islands in the chain. Oliver, the foremost modern authority on Tahiti, at the time of first European contact in In between the visits of Cook and Bonechea, the war of succession resumed amongst the Tahitian clans.

This time Tutaha and his allies fought Vehiatua and his. Several famous battles were fought, including 'Taora ofa'i' shower of stones and 'Te-tamai-i-te-tai-'ute 'ute' the battle of the red sea.

Tutahua and Tepau were eventually killed in battle, while Vehiatua died of old age. Vehiatua's son, Paitu, became Vehiatua II, while Tu became paramount chief of the island, ari'i maro 'ura.

The Viceroy of Peru , Manuel de Amat y Juniet , following the instructions of the Spanish Crown, organised an expedition to settle and colonise the island in , largely to prevent other powers from gaining a base in the Pacific from which to attack the coast of Peru, but also to evangelise.

He sent two expeditions under the command of navigator Domingo de Bonechea , the first in , aboard Aguila. Cook picked up two passengers from Tahiti during this trip, Porea and Ma'i , with Hitihiti later replacing Porea when Cook stopped at Raiatea.

Cook took Hitihiti to Tahiti on 22 April, during his return leg. Then, Cook departed Tahiti on 14 May Tomas Gayangos took over command.

However, the Spanish mission on Tahiti was abandoned on 12 November , after Aguila ' s third voyage to Tahiti, when the Fathers begged its commander, Don Cayetano de Langara, to take them back to Lima.

Cook first harboured in Vaitepiha Bay, where he visited Vehiatua II's funeral bier and the prefabricated Spanish mission house.

Cook also observed a human sacrifice, ta'ata tapu , at the 'Utu-'ai-mahurau marae , and 49 skulls from previous victims. Cook met Mahine in an act of friendship on 3 October, though he was an enemy of Tu.

Sir Joseph Banks , the botanist from James Cook 's first expedition, had concluded that this plant would be ideal to feed the African slaves working in the Caribbean plantations at very little cost.

The crew remained in Tahiti for about five months, the time needed to transplant the seedlings of the trees. Three weeks after leaving Tahiti, on 28 April , the crew mutinied on the initiative of Fletcher Christian.

The mutineers seized the ship and set the captain and most of those members of the crew who remained loyal to him adrift in a ship's boat. A group of mutineers then went back to settle in Tahiti.

As a result of his alliance with the mutineers, he succeeded in considerably increasing his supremacy over the island of Tahiti. He and his descendants founded and expanded Tahitian influence to all of the lands that now constitute modern French Polynesia.

Four were drowned in the sinking of Pandora on her homeward voyage, three were hanged, four were acquitted, and three were pardoned.

In the s, whalers began landing at Tahiti during their fishing expeditions in the southern hemisphere.

The arrival of these whalers, who were subsequently joined by merchants coming from the penal colonies in Australia, marked the first major overturning of traditional Tahitian society.

The crews introduced alcohol , arms and infectious diseases to the island, and encouraged prostitution , which brought with it venereal disease.

These commercial interactions with westerners had catastrophic consequences for the Tahitian population, which shrank rapidly, ravaged by diseases and other cultural factors.

On 5 March , representatives of the London Missionary Society landed at Matavai Bay Mahina on board Duff , with the intention of converting the pagan native populations to Christianity.

The arrival of these missionaries marked a new turning point for the island of Tahiti, having a lasting impact on the local culture.

He allied himself more and more with the missionaries, and from they taught him reading and the Gospels.

Furthermore, the missionaries encouraged his wish to conquer his opponents, so that they would only have to deal with a single political contact, enabling them to develop Christianity in a unified country.

It was the first time that Tahiti had been united under the control of a single family. It was the end of Tahitian feudalism and the military aristocracy, which were replaced by an absolute monarchy.

In the London Missionary Society sent John Williams as a missionary and teacher, and starting in , the Gospels were translated into Tahitian Reo Maohi and taught in the religious schools.

In , the minister William Pascoe Crook founded the city of Papeete , which became the capital of the island. In the s, the entire population of Tahiti converted to Protestantism.

Duperrey , who berthed in Tahiti in May , attests to the change in Tahitian society in a letter dated 15 May "The missionaries of the Royal Society of London have totally changed the morals and customs of the inhabitants.

Idolatry no longer exists among them, and they generally profess the Christian religion. The women no longer come aboard the vessel, and even when we meet them on land they are extremely reserved.

The bloody wars that these people used to carry out and human sacrifices have no longer taken place since His uncle and the religious people therefore supported the regency, until 2 May , the date on which the missionaries conducted his coronation, a ceremony unprecedented in Tahiti.

The missionaries also took advantage of the situation to change the way in which powers were arranged, and to make the Tahitian monarchy closer to the English model of a constitutional monarchy.

They therefore created the Tahitian Legislative Assembly, which first sat on 23 February The Birmingham born missionary George Pritchard , who was the acting British consul, became her main adviser and tried to interest her in the affairs of the kingdom.

He was impressed by what he perceived to be the positive influence the missionaries had had on the sobriety and moral character of the population.

Captain Fitzroy negotiated payment of compensation for an attack on an English ship by Tahitians, which had taken place in In Sept.

Once his mission had been completed, Admiral Du Petit-Thouars sailed towards the Marquesas Islands, which he annexed in Also in , a European crisis involving Morocco escalated between France and Great Britain, souring their relations.

He had them sign a request for protection in the absence of their Queen, before then approaching her and obliging her to ratify the terms of the treaty of protectorate.

Within the framework of this treaty, France recognised the sovereignty of the Tahitian state. The Queen was responsible for internal affairs, while France would deal with foreign relations and assure the defence of Tahiti, as well as maintain order on the island.

Once the treaty had been signed there began a struggle for influence between the English Protestants and the Catholic representatives of France.

During the first years of the Protectorate, the Protestants managed to retain a considerable hold over Tahitian society, thanks to their knowledge of the country and its language.

George Pritchard had been away at the time. He returned however to work towards indoctrinating the locals against the Roman Catholic French.

In , the Queen's Protestant advisor, Pritchard, persuaded her to display the Tahitian flag in place of the flag of the Protectorate.

He threw Pritchard into prison, and later sent him back to Britain. The annexation caused the Queen to be exiled to the Leeward Islands, and after a period of troubles, a real Franco-Tahitian war began in March News of Tahiti reached Europe in early The war ended in December in favour of the French.

The Queen returned from exile in and agreed to sign a new covenant, considerably reducing her powers, while increasing those of the commissaire.

The French nevertheless still reigned over the Kingdom of Tahiti as masters. During the same period about a thousand Chinese, mainly Cantonese , were recruited at the request of a plantation owner in Tahiti, William Stewart, to work on the great cotton plantation at Atimaono.

When the enterprise resulted in bankruptcy in , a few Chinese workers returned to their country, but a large number stayed in Tahiti and mixed with the population.

In the district councils were formed, elected, which were given the powers of the traditional hereditary chiefs. In the context of the republican assimilation, these councils tried their best to protect the traditional way of life of the local people, which was threatened by European influence.

On 29 June , he ceded Tahiti to France along with the islands that were its dependencies. Having become a colony, Tahiti thus lost all sovereignty.

In , Papeete became a commune of the Republic of France. Papeari has a small Gauguin museum. In Matthew Turner , an American shipbuilder from San Francisco who had been seeking a fast passage between the city and Tahiti, built Papeete , a two-masted schooner that made the trip in seventeen days.

A French gunboat as well as a captured German freighter were sunk in the harbour and the two German armoured cruisers bombarded the colony.

Between and the French Government conducted nuclear bomb tests above and below the atolls of Moruroa and Fangataufa.

The last test was conducted on 27 January In , Tahiti and the whole of French Polynesia became an overseas territory Territoire d'outre-mer.

Tahitians were granted French citizenship , a right that had been campaigned for by nationalist leader Pouvanaa a Oopa for many years.

The link to our website where you can find this recipe, and more, is in our bio! We are lucky to have a variety of honeys and flavours at Tahi, but how do you tell the difference?

We talk a lot about our restoration and conservation work at Tahi. Although we have put a lot of hard work and effort into caring for our environment, nature has helped our efforts.

When nature has a helping hand, it helps itself. When we started there were 6 species of introduced grass, now there are species of vascular plants at Tahi.

Nature can bounce back, with a little bit of help and patience. That means we have been recognised by one of the most respected and recognised brands in the world.

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We plan to celebrate - maybe with a spoonful of award-winning honey! Getting away from home, when safe and possible, is an amazing boost for wellbeing.

Our fully equipped cottages are the perfect place for that, like our Tara cottage, which hosts up to 5 guests in 3 rooms.

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Taxi 2 (2000) - Partie 8 Kapcsold be a Minden1X nézetet,. és nem fogsz többé ismétlődő hirdetéseket látni. m1x kapcsoló. m1x funkció. Megnéztem. Ft/m. M Ft. Tahitótfalu. Finden Sie die besten Preise für Hotel Tahi, 2 Bedroom Villa, Legian, Legian. Zertifizierte Bewertungen, authentische Fotos, Empfehlungen und die. Villa (80 m²), 2 Schlafzimmer und 2 eigene Badezimmer in Seminyak (Villa Tahi | Walk to Double Six Beach), Bali mit vielen Fotos. ✓ Echte Bewertungen. CD , Tahi (2) - Concerto Pour Détraqués Cover-Design · Bérurier Noir · Bérurier Noir - Concerto Pour Détraqués ‎(2xCD, Album, RE, RM, Dig), Archives De. Paare schätzen die Lage besonders – sie haben diese mit 8,2 für einen Aufenthalt zu zweit bewertet. Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache! Tahi House. Tahi 2 French Polynesia is a semi-autonomous territory of France with its own assembly, president, budget and laws. Thank you. See also: Music Win2day At Lotto Tahiti and Arioi. One disk was black, signifying Po, the spirit world, while one was white, signifying Ao, the world of people. Tahiti is part of French Polynesia. The Tahiti Casino In Netherlands is the islands' premier football knockout tournament and has been played for since

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